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The dream began with a few people meeting in a small room in 2011. They were inspired to be a catalyst to help transform people's lives with the love of Christ. From the very beginning, their goal has been to raise up a local church that will profoundly impact the world. Their greatest desire is to see that dream come to pass by helping individuals to experience a genuine heart transformation through a real relationship with Jesus Christ thus Imitating GOD.


The Williams is deeply committed to encouraging individuals to reach their highest potential in Christ. They are determined to revolutionize as many lives as possible by focused on building stronger families, transforming our local community through active participation, bridging the gap between the cultures, and impacting the world with the love and generosity of Christ.


They have learned many life lessons throughout the course of their past experiences and ministry. These lessons have enabled them to teach passionately, openly and honestly, sharing from both their successes and failures. They have enjoyed a rich and fulfilling marriage for 19 years and are dedicated parents to their son Emmanuel II. Above all, the Williams ' top priority is continuing to grow in the relationship with the Lord and seeing His Kingdom come to pass in their lives and the lives of those around them.




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